Strawall is a construction block or a panel that is produced from ecological materials, this ecoblock allows contractors or other individuals construct sustainable and energyefficient buildings. Strawall is a material that comes with all the positive aspects of a strawbale building with smaller labour and time consumption. We have developed three different blocks that differ in depth. 

Strawall standard 400- panel depth 400mm, U-0,13 W/(m2k)

Strawall standard 300- panel depth 350mm, U-0,14 W/(m2k)

Strawall light- panel depth 250mm, U-0,19 W/(m2k)

All the panels can be ordered with additional insulation layer of woodfiber boards to achieve greater insulation values. 


The focus on how to build a efficient building has lead us to point where we are constructing buildings with materials that have superior characteristics but also pollute our planet. 39% of worlds GHG emmissions come from construction and buildings. 
Sustainable, clean and ecological construction methods have long history but they have always been too labour and time intensive. Hauseco has developed Strawall panel that can benefit construction and buildings with all the positive features that ecological buildings have and exclude the labour and time consumption that has been the stepping stone for these great buildings. 
Buildings constructed with Strawall ecoblocks have some majour features
  • Negative CO2 footprint - a sqm of Strawall panel can save up to 200kg of CO2 over the life cycle.
  • Superior indoor climate - ecological materials used in the ecoblock have great impact to indoor climate.
  • Energy efficient- Strawall ecoblocks can have really low heat loss value. As low as  U-0,1 W/(m2k)
  • Easy and fast installation - have a house up in 2-3 days? You can!
  • Kiire ja lihtne paigaldus - Ökopaneelide paigaldamisega on võimalik hoone karp püsti saada 2-3 päevaga.
  • Less VOC's
  • Ecological materials - smaller footprint!
  • Waste free construction
  • Low fire hazard.
  • Customizable.